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Periodic inspection of linings and coatings is the key to a long service life of your equipment. The correct time for a check-up depends upon a myriad of factors including operating conditions, type of substance stored, temperature etc. It can also vary based on the protective material installed. Through the inspection process we can identify potential problem areas before they turn into expensive issues and lead to longer down times. With certified NACE and AWS welding Inspectors on staff, all tank inspections are carried out with the highest precision.

Abtrex Industries offers a range of inspections, including:

Lining and Coating Inspections

The first step of any inspection is to do a thorough visual review of the area. Any obvious defects will be noted for further testing. Afterwards, a holiday test will detect any pinhole leaks to ensure continuity in your lining system. Depending upon the system in place, we may utilize other non-destructive test methods like durometer testing to ensure a fully cured system is in place or a DFT method (Dry Film Thickness) for thin coating systems.

Holiday Inspection of a Rubber Lined Tank Using a Brush Wand Spark Tester

Holiday Inspection of a Rubber Lined Tank Using a Brush Wand Spark Tester

Fiberglass Inspections

At first, a visual inspection of your fiberglass lining or substrate will be conducted. Visual inspections are crucial, especially for FRP linings. We can then employ a Barcol tester which measures the hardness of the fiberglass linings, ensuring that excessive heat or operating conditions have not weakened the lining system.

Weld Inspections

In order to apply rubber or PVC lining in your equipment, all welds must be in conformance with NACE/AMPP SP0178-2007-SG standard. Our AWS Certified welding inspectors conduct these inspections to ensure all welds are free of defects and suitable to be lined. At the first stage, the weld inspection is a visual analysis of the joint. Then we can use a fillet gauge to measure size of the fillet weld, weld leg length, and the convexity of the weld to make sure dimensions are in accordance with the blueprint.

Our goal is to make sure that your equipment is in good working condition and to address any needed repairs as quickly as possible. Abtrex’s professional technicians and inspectors will be happy to answer any questions you may have concerning regular check-ups. Contact our experts today and schedule your equipment inspection.

To contact us or to request a quote, call us at 800-959-0125 or fill out our online form and someone will contact you.

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