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Abtrex Company Overview

We are all about the people at our company. Since 1969, Abtrex has united the right employees who share the same values to help us focus on our customers, our mission and our vision.

Our People’s Mission

To protect your assets and the environment from the bad stuff; it is as simple as that.

We are Driven by Our People’s Values

Abtrex Values

Get it done

Our people believe in getting things done. Abtrex crews are professionally trained to tackle any situation using industry-best practices and know-how, built on five decades of experience. With the commitment of our employees, we provide ready and complex solutions for your business, identifying and solving your complex manufacturing issues.

Reputation is key

The reputation of Abtrex is our greatest hallmark, and we all work to maintain it. From CEO, to production and administrative staff, we give it our all and have become the company you can rely on and trust. Our reputation is built on years of experience, employees’ commitment, and our quality craftsmanship. The number of satisfied customers we have worked with over the decades is proof of our dedication to you, the customer. Our Quality Management System is built on continual improvement to ensure our ability to exceed your expectations and deliver the utmost satisfaction.

Growth oriented

We have grown from a small shop supplying the local metal and chemical industry to a worldwide corrosion control expert. Growth has always been a part of our journey. Our commitment to grow has driven us to establish numerous bases of operation in the United States, North America, Europe, and the Middle East. We are not afraid to tackle large jobs or learn new avenues of expertise.

The SAFE way is the Abtrex way

Abtrex is always cautious about the safety of our employees, customers and the environment. We have implemented safety precautions in every step of our process to attain the highest standards and make sure our people are working and thriving in a safe workplace.

Abtrex’s Uniques

Abtrex Uniques

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Main Industry Sectors

  • Metal Processing
  • Steel Production
  • Automotive
  • Mining
  • Environmental Protection
  • Agricultural Production and Storage
  • Power Generation
  • Chemical – Petrochemical
  • Bulk Transport
  • Food Processing
  • Pulp and Paper
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Water Treatment

Memberships & Certifications


American Association of Railroads Certified

ASME Certified Logo

Louisiana Chemical Industry Alliance

ISNET World Logo

American Welding Society Logo

Avetta Logo


Abtrex South Bend Photo

59640 Market Street
South Bend, IN 46614


Our South Bend, IN plant consists of four buildings totaling over 55,000 square feet. The four buildings include a dedicated fabrication facility, the main rubber lining building with a 12’ x 60’ autoclave, two other lining and coating areas, a separate paint and polypropylene facility, and a sandblast booth.


Abtrex Pennsylvania Photo

112 Ross Way
Leetsdale, PA 15056


Our Leetsdale, PA plant is located just outside of Pittsburgh and consists of one building with three bays totaling over 32,000 square feet. The facility boasts a 10-ton crane, a 10×40 foot autoclave, a sandblast area and a cold room for material storage.


Abtrex Alabama Photo

5561 Todd Acres Drive
Mobile, AL 36619


The Mobile, AL plant is located on the Alabama Gulf Coast and consists of one building totaling 12,000 square feet located on 4 acres. The shop is split between two areas, rubber lining and fiberglass fabrication. This facility also includes a 9’x33’ autoclave, sandblast/paint yard, cold storage for materials, and a hydraulic pulling machine for fiberglass pipe manufacturing. Field rubber lining and fiberglass repairs are offered from this facility.


Abtrex Texas Photo

602 County Rd. 2205
Cleveland, TX 77327


Our Cleveland, Texas plant is a total railcar linings and rehabilitation complex. This facility was established in 2008 after signing an agreement with Union Tank Car.