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Rent Our Industrial HVAC Units

Abtrex Industries now offers trailered industrial HVAC and power generator units for rent. We understand how important it is to keep proper environmental controls at your facility, including maintaining a comfortable temperature and humidity.

In most facilities, large amounts of gaseous pollutants, solid particles and waste heat are released during the implementation of various technological processes. Both the high concentration and the high temperature of pollutants in industrial buildings can harm the health of workers and your inventory. Properly selected ventilation is essential in solving these problems. With our portable commercial air conditioner, you will be able to provide safe indoor air quality for on-site work. This unit can also be used to support your existing HVAC system in case of failure or maintenance needs. Our climate control and power generation units are convenient solutions for both commercial and industrial use.

Our EPA certified, WhisperWatt portable powerhouse generator provides up to 320 kW. The generator tank will hold up to 500 gallons of diesel fuel. This capacity allows for up to 24 hours of runtime at the maximum power.

What’s Included in the HVAC System Rental?

Our 40′ flatbed trailers are equipped with:

  • 80-ton cooling, heating and dehumidification HVAC unit
  • 1 power generator
  • 40 ft trailer
  • 8 Return Duct
  • 4 Cables (100’ Long)
  • 1 Battery Charger DCA 150
  • 1 Camlock 3 Set
  • 1 Filter Kit
  • 1 Load Bank Kit
  • 1 500 Gallon Trans-cube Tank
  • 1 Rentalization

Why Rent with Abtrex?

Years of experience in on-site lining and field repairs taught us how important it is to be able to rely on dependable equipment. By renting our climate control unit:

  • you are guaranteed the efficiency of the device.
  • you can take advantage of state-of-the-art air conditioning equipment at an affordable price.
  • you do not bear investment and storage costs.
  • you do not need to service the equipment.
  • you pay for the equipment only when it is needed.

Please download the specification sheet for more information about our cooling system.

If you are interested in renting our temporary industrial air conditioning system for your commercial needs, or you have additional questions about the HVAC equipment, please contact us at 574-234-7773 or complete the contact form to email our team.