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Steel Mill Equipment & Repairs

Because of the acids and caustics used in the steel industry, corrosion is a real threat for mill equipment. Metal pickling and acid regeneration corrosion resistance is extremely important. Working with the steel industry for many years, we understand the difficulties in keeping equipment running properly. Whether you need assistance in corrosion control, fabrication, repair or installation, Abtrex can help with your equipment and its protection.

Abtrex can work with carbon steel, stainless steel, polypropylene, polyethylene and fiberglass. Based on your needs, we can fabricate storage tanks, working tanks, pickle tanks, recirculation tanks, piping systems, and many others according to your design drawings or ours. Abtrex can also install your new equipment.

Protecting metal substrate from chemical exposure is key to a long lifespan of your equipment. With our corrosion and abrasion protection capabilities, we can line any equipment (interior or exterior) with rubber, epoxy vinyl ester resin, innovative dual-laminate and all sorts of protective coatings. Our solutions include protection against acids such as hydrochloric, sulfuric, nitric and chromic, at various operating temperatures and levels of concentration. Tank linings and coatings will protect your steel surface from plating solution and prevent electroplate coatings from building up on the walls. Our pinhole free method guarantees the highest quality and protects the environment from acid leakage.

Abtrex follows the highest industry standards when applying protective coatings and linings. Our advanced post-application inspection system ensures you that the protection is applied correctly and with no leaks. Steel itself is environmentally friendly, it is fully recyclable, has a long service life, and compared to other materials requires relatively little energy to produce, but it is important to protect steel tanks from leaking the acids and caustics. Testing such as holiday testing detects any pinholes leaks to ensure continuity in the lining system, and durometer testing ensures a fully cured system.

If you have failed linings, Abtrex can remove granite layers, strip rubber lining, make repairs and apply new granite layers and/or rubber lining. We can also repair equipment such as concentric reducers, plating cells, manway covers, anode supports and acid filters (refurbishing).

Abtrex suggests scheduling regular inspections to prevent future failures. During inspection, your equipment will be carefully examined to see if any problems already exist and if future problems may arise. We can help you create an action plan to minimize possible costs of replacement and downtime. In case of any sudden failures, our nationwide emergency crews can respond within 24  hours to help with urgent issues. For more information on inspections, please go to our Inspections page.

To request a quote call at 800-959-0125 or fill out our online form and someone will contact you.

Common Questions

Why do I need protective coating or lining in my tank?
The need for internal protection of your tank depends on many operating factors such as temperature of service, chemical solution and its corrosivity. Properly selected tank linings and coatings will expand life of your equipment by separating and protecting steel surface from corrosive acids often kept in storage tanks.

What type of rubber linings are the best for my steel processing equipment?
Types of rubber best for steel processing equipment are soft natural rubber, high chemical and abrasion resistant chlorobutyl and superior temperature resistant bromobutyl rubber. Chemical resistance is a common feature of all coatings and linings used for protection in this industry and final type of material always depends on your individual needs.

How do coatings and linings help to protect the environment?
Even though steel is environmentally friendly due to its great recycling abilities, some processes used in steel manufacturing require solutions that may be potentially harmful. For example, the transformation of ore into the final product desire presence of many different acids and caustics in this process. Protection of these storage tanks ensures that the chemical compound will not damage the steel and possibly leak, which could result in soil and groundwater contamination.

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