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Abtrex Industries is continuously looking for ways to better serve our current and prospective customers. With that goal in mind, we recently acquired new equipment that will help us to shorten lead times and decrease costs. Abtrex is now a one-stop shop for services that we formerly had to subcontract including plate rolling, plasma cutting, and water stripping.

Davi CNC Plate Roll Machine

Abtrex’s new 4-roll CNC plate rolling machine allows us to roll plates up to 8 feet wide. This equipment will minimize fabrication lead time and help us to ensure that Abtrex’s ISO 9001:2015 certified quality standards are met. The machine allows precise bending of metal sheets into shapes such as ellipse, oval, circle, or cone. Our rolling mill is equipped with a pre-bending system, which helps to eliminate production waste.

Lincoln Electric CNC Plasma Metal Cutting Machine

Having our own plasma cutter allows us to shorten fabrication lead time and perform work with incredible accuracy and precision. This metal cutting machine makes cuts up to 7 times faster than other cutting methods. By minimizing material waste and thermal deformation, we can offer higher efficiency and precision. The Plasma machine is able to cut steel, aluminum, and stainless-steel plate in thicknesses up to 1”.

Waterjet Stripper

Our waterjet stripper offers 200 to 350 horsepower and pressure ranging from 8,000 to 40,000 psi, making it the most reliable equipment to strip existing coatings and linings off our customer’s equipment. Waterjet stripping is a cost effective, efficient, and safe way to remove a myriad of materials. By owning this equipment, we can strip the toughest of linings in a shorter period of time. This type of stripping also helps with one of Abtrex’s core values, protecting the environment. Processed material does not dust, generate any chemical vapor or sewage that could be dangerous.


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