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Wear Resistant Linings for Slurry Systems and the Mining Industry

Abtrex has a time-tested reputation for excellence in the protection and performance of high wear equipment. Our solutions can help make your processes more efficient and profitable. Imagine how extending the experienced service life in the highest wear applications by only 15%-20% could impact your run time and profitability. During our 50+ years of service, we have been committed to sharing our experience and craftsmanship, so you don’t have to worry about protection of your key assets.

Due to the complexity of the mineral processing industry, abrasion and corrosion is an ongoing and relentless battle to your daily operations. Mining deposits and ores are characterized by the abrasiveness of the winning. The abrasiveness of the winning may be understood as the abrasive effect of the excavated material on the walls of the ore transporting means i.e., pumps, pipes and chutes. Aggressively abrasive aggregate, ranging in size, flows through the pumps, slurry pipelines, chutes and similar mining equipment, causing slide and/or impact abrasion at the metal surface. Poorly designed flow patterns such as dead head, bottlenecks and I.D. off-sets create another phenomena known as erosion. Once the protective lining is breached, acids and caustics with huge ranges in Ph will steadily tear away at the substrate, causing premature failure.

Expenses related to the repair of damaged equipment caused by a chemically aggressive and abrasive environment is a nuisance for the entire industry. Therefore, it is important to secure the equipment at the design stage. Abtrex can help you choose the right protection for your specific needs, and we can assist you in the design process to ensure your mining machinery is protected from the start.

We know that keeping the equipment running is a real challenge for plant managers and engineers. Our team is ready to put decades of experience to work for you. We will help protect your assets from these aggressive service conditions.

The transportation and storage of large amounts of loose materials causes increased wear on mining equipment such as slurry pipelines, pumps and chutes. The need for frequent repair or replacement increases costs and reduces productivity and efficiency of the production process. Superior abrasion and corrosion resistance is the key to reducing downtime and the costly replacement of failed systems.

Abtrex promises Engineered Solutions; what this means for your equipment and bottom line is properly designed equipment with the correct lining for the service conditions of your specific application. When you combine the proper lining system with a professional installation, you end up with equipment that is protected from premature wear.

Rubber linings are calendared using elastomeric compounds into sheet / roll goods, and used as protection against abrasion wear and corrosion from chemically-aggressive solutions. Our rubber compounds are individually selected according to the material data and test reports from a specific project application. This specific blend can have both abrasion and corrosion protection properties. Characteristics such as the thickness of the lining material can also be adapted to your custom needs. Raw rubber sheets, before vulcanization, are very elastic and flexible which allows us to line hard-to-reach parts of machinery and pipes with a diameter as small as 1.5 inches.

Types of Wear and Abrasion Resistant Linings Commonly Used in the Mining Industry

Soft Natural Rubber
This refers to natural rubber compounds usually in the range of 35 to 65 Shore A durometer hardness. This type of lining is characterized by high abrasion, cut and tear resistance. The greatest solution for slurry pipelines, storage tanks, tanks in steel industry and the strongest acids.

Synthetic rubber produced by the polymerization of chloroprene with good resistance to oils, heat and caustic solutions. Shore A durometer range is between 35 and 80. The compound has great superior resistance to abrasion, corrosion, aging and atmospheric conditions.

A derivative of butyl rubber containing about 1% chlorine with excellent impermeability to gasses and good heat resistance. Hardness is typically in the range of 45 to 65 Shore A durometer. A great solution for FGD scrubbers and outside storage tanks due to high resistance to temperature changes.

All listed rubber materials can be used to protect equipment such as slurry piping systems, chutes, agitators, hydro cyclones, ball mills or mixing tanks. For information about other types of linings please go to our rubber lining page.

Due to the physics of slurry piping systems, rubber linings must be perfectly lined up to avoid cavitation and protect points of critical velocity impact. We can use rubber to transition high impending points and make sure there is a good runway all the way through the pipe to avoid material flow interruptions. Lining elbow pipes with abrasion resistant rubber will help keep material transportation in slurry pipelines running efficiently. Engineered Solutions require the best design, the best material selection and highly skilled craftsmanship in the fabrication/lining installation.

Excessive noise can have a major impact on the comfort and health of employees working in loud places. Prolonged exposure to high level of noise generated by production machines can be distracting and disrupting, resulting in deprivation of sleep and focus. Wear resistant linings can reduce the level of noise and vibrations, which impacts all employees. The effects of corrosion and abrasion on mining equipment can go way beyond losses in company’s assets and impact an environment where contamination can occur due to damaged pipelines in the industry.

We recommend you schedule regular inspections to prevent future failures. During inspection, your equipment will be carefully examined to see if problems already exist and what future problems may arise. We will help you create an action plan to minimize costs of replacement and downtime. In case of sudden failures, our nationwide emergency teams can respond within 24 hours to help your company solve urgent issues including completely stripping and relining of your equipment and steel reparation.

Abtrex also has waste treatment solutions for water disposal from slurry pipelines. We are the one-stop-shop for your water management needs. We offer corrosion protection of the vessels, fabrication, service, inspection, and repair. For more information, please visit our Industrial Water Treatment page.

We also offer fabrication for various other industries. For more information, please go to our Steel & Alloy Fabrication page.

For questions or to request a quote, call us at 800-959-0125 or fill out our online form and someone will contact you.

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